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    POC-IT PTT (Push to Talk) allows you to create private channels and groups to allow instant group communications without boundaries, to members of your private group.

    Using your in app contact list you can call either all the members or just select one or two of the contacts and create an adhoc one to one or smaller group

    Chat Groups: As the owner of a Chat group you can decide to have the chat group always s on to allow members to share communication or messages instantly with each other no need to “call” just speak and everyone in the CHAT session will hear the call or see the message.

    Location and Tracking: By using in application tracking you can instantly share your location with each other or via a PC dispatcher station.


Established in 2007 Push to Talk International Limited is the largest supplier of Push to Talk services in the UK. With customers ranging from security teams, rail companies, hospitals, retail chains, football stadiums and parking enforcement, we provide companies with instant group communications. For many years companies looking to connect with their teams had little choice but to use dedicated, expensive and limited private mobile radio systems. These options could only offer a compromise; on security, on radio coverage, on capacity and on the need to invest heavily before they had made the first call on yet another dedicated device. Push to Talk International sweep away these compromises. Wherever your teams are located we can reach them, with almost infinite capacity and clear, fast digital speech. We don’t think you need to compromise any longer. Our team is passionate about group communications. We don’t compromise and neither should you.


PTTi’s POC –It service is designed for professional and consumers alike, It is new way to communicate.

Own your own Group or Channel and invite others to join you. You can make individual calls or group calls or be a member of a CHAT channel or be the owner of a CHAT channel.

Friends and clubs maybe your going skiing and want to contact your friends when you get split up, simply create a chat channel to easily communicate to all your friends at the same time.

Ideal for small large or small business, the ability to speak with your Co-Workers simultaneously across national boundaries, be a member of multiple groups and chat channels, work, friends clubs etc .

Motorcycles, if you’re a member of a club or just out with friends create a chat session and talk to other bikers whilst out an about.

Ideal for Taxi companies, Bus companies, security firms, heath professionals, etc etc.

Taxi Business use PTT to call individual Taxi drivers or set up multiple groups on location based using the POC-IT Dispatcher you can track and locate your Taxi’s and locate them on regional basis so that you can allocate the call to the nearest fee cab.


PTTi are proud to serve many customers across a wide range of industries and geography. We have clients such as ISCAPE limited in the Bahamas using our PAAS system and UK clients such as Network warrington using our Bus communications systems and GHA Bus and Coach using RTI and our Wi-Fi system to provide FREE Wi-Fi to their customers.